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Are you an event promoter?

Scircle is a free event platform aiming to better connect attendees with events in their specific areas of interest. leverage our targeted approach to reach the right audience faster.

Some Of our Features

  • Free to post events
  • Full event management capabilities
  • Mobile Checkin
  • Only 0.99% fee for paid tickets

Need more info about these or other features, or want to  take advantage of our free concierge servrice?

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Getting the Most out of a Conference or Meeting

A conference is an opportunity for people from around the world to meet and exchange ideas around a defined topic. For an attendee, it’s a unique forum for getting the latest information directly from the source, and for making meaningful connections. For the first time conference goer, this might be an intimidating or even overwhelming occasion. At the bigger conferences,

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6 strategies to improve your professional networking skills

‘It is good to rub, and polish our brain against that of others…’ Most of us are experts at playing the numbers game. It served us well when we applied to those 25 colleges or graduate school programs. When it became time for a job, it’s understandable why many are tempted to find refuge in this ‘tried and proven’ approach.

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